Cresson One Business Park: Site Plan

Phase One

The Business Park is part of a PD under Cresson zoning and planned for 130 acres on the northwest side of US 377. Phase One, which includes approximately 30 acres, off Ridgeline Road and Ridgeline Court has been graded and is ready for sale. Some of these lots have frontage and good visibility to US 377 and others front the seven-acre lake with views of the forty foot cliffs. Most of the lots in Phase One are three acres. The lots on the interior of the property are targeted towards light industrial users. We anticipate that users wanting more visibility that are retail or office in nature will want to locate along the highway or around the lake. The property is wet and able to accommodate restaurants and stores that sell alcohol. The interior is more suited for industrial or light industrial users. The PD zoning will allow all types of uses from residential to industrial including retail and restaurants.

Land Fund’s entire Property controls over two and one half miles of US 377 frontage and is in the city of Cresson starting south at the intersection of Old Granbury Road. The location is strategic because the cities of Weatherford, Cleburne, Granbury and the southern suburbs of Fort Worth will all grow towards each other over the next few years. The highest growth will occur along US 377 between Cresson and Granbury.