Cresson, Texas; The new “Frisco of the South”

Looking at the map below, one quickly sees that Cresson is at a major crossroads of two major highways. One cannot get from Stephenville, Glen Rose or Granbury to Benbrook and Fort Worth without traveling thru Cresson. Even more important is that all traffic traveling from the Cleburne area west to Weatherford must pass thru Cresson. Today that can equal more than 60,000 vehicles thru Cresson on any given day.

  • Historical Precedent

    In the early 1980’s Frisco was a one-light town at Preston Road and SH 121 north of Dallas. One had to go miles to get around this intersection if they were headed north or south and there were few other options. The same is true with Cresson; one must travel about 15 miles out of their way to “get around” the town. By comparison, Frisco in 1980 had less than 3,000 people and today has over 150,000 residents and 4 million square feet of retail. Cresson has grown since 2003, when it was incorporated, to be 65 square miles of city and ETJ area. It is still less than 2,000 people but not for long.

    Affordable Land, New Jobs and a City with no Real Estate Taxes

    It is only a matter of time before the growth in Cresson takes off. In the past three years a sanitary sewer, new water wells and water tower has extended utilities to the city. Devon Energy, the largest gas producer in the Barnet Shale, built their regional headquarters in Cresson bringing over 200 jobs. A new hotel and two sit down restaurants opened and TXDOT plans to make major improvements to US 377. There are now 500 permanent jobs in Cresson that did not exist in 2007.

    Currently, land is affordable and it is an excellent location for astute investors to position themselves for the growth to come. By having your business in Cresson, you can access the 600,000 people living within the 20 radius of town as well as the market place in Fort Worth, Cleburne, Weatherford and Granbury. No wonder that the Bass Brothers of Fort Worth are sitting on 8,000 acres in Cresson.

    Introducing Cresson One Business Park

    Cresson One Business Park is located on two growth corridors in the middle of a triangle between Fort Worth, Cleburne and Weatherford. Along the primary corridor, US 377, is Granbury to the south and Fort Worth to the north. Along the secondary corridor, Highway171, are the cities of Cleburne and Weatherford. Fort Worth metropolitan growth is occurring to the west and south as the land to the north and east is generally developed. Cresson One Business Park is situated two miles south of the intersection of US 377 and three miles north of the new HEB Grocery-anchored Plaza in Granbury.

  • Proposed Master Plan

    Phase One

    The Business Park is part of a PD under Cresson zoning and planned for 130 acres on the northwest side of US 377. Phase One, which includes approximately 30 acres, off Ridgeline Road and Ridgeline Court is pad ready and is ready for sale. Some of these lots have frontage and good visibility to US 377 and others front the seven-acre lake with views of the forty foot cliffs. Most of the lots in Phase One are three acres. The lots on the interior of the property are targeted towards light industrial users. We anticipate that users wanting more visibility that are retail or office in nature will want to locate along the highway or around the lake. The property is wet and able to accommodate restaurants and stores that sell alcohol. The PD zoning will allow all types of uses from residential to industrial including retail and restaurants.